(Gnawing on someone else' teeth) , HD, 2016

FLESH, verb: to remove the flesh adhering to skin or bone.

Thoughts on the void, desire and consuming one another. The sound is composed of various buccal sounds such as inhaling, eating, oral sex and a poorly recorded toy organ.

Decorticate.Anybody , HD, 2016

A conceptual short made in collaboration with experimental musician Seau Beau (aka Cassandra Beauvais), expression thematic sentiments of environmental violence, gender dysphoria, psychological dissociation, self destruction and self reclamation. We developed both the music and the film concurrently, as a part of a electroacoustic triptych tittle Deus Ex Machine, which is on Sea Beau's debut album, Extinct Peripheries. 

Insecurity Tape I (Excerpt), DV Magnetic tape, 2016

Interested by the contrast of presence and absence, precariousness, vulnerability and failure, the Insecurity Tapes are an ongoing series of 10 minute CCTV surveillance tapes. Focused on exploring ambiguous personal struggles with mental illness and tragedy, I revisit the use of the chair as conceptual object, recurring in my work as a symbol of who is or was either there or not. By subjecting myself to the
same use and abuse that is given to the object.  The furniture goes through the process reflecting loss and failure as would the individual, standing on only two leg’s, collapsing when facing solitude and death.

IMCA310 Concordia University 2016

Improvisations to Allan Watts, SD digital, 2015

A study of light and incense.
Concordia University 2015 

Purge, HD digital, 2015

A video essay exploring ideas of psychological and physical infection on both the micro and macro scale, loosely mirroring the use of medium, organic life and light in through intoxicated portrayals of visceral purification and performative cosmic catharsis.

Created for IMCA 220 Concordia 2016

Errent, SD digital, 2014

Amongst my first exploratory conceptual films, if not the first, relating the self to the macrocosmic.
Filmed with a DSLR.