I am interested in post-existence, the chaos and uncanny of traces left behind by that which fades and falls to ruin ; my practice is one of wandering, collecting and repurposing, reviving remains and reverberations discarded by both man and nature.
Through video, performance, mixed media painting, sound and installation, I investigate ritualistic chaos-gnosticism, aesthetics of decay and deterioration, the abolishment of time and place, cyclical nostalgia of the north & the liminal sentiment imposed by silence & absence. 



Born in 1993, Michel Beauvais grew up in the Abitibi region of northwestern Quebec, Canada. He completed a college degree in Visual Arts at Cégep de l'Abitibi Témiscamingue in 2014 and currently lives in Montréal, completing his BFA in Intermedia and cyber arts at Concordia University. Self thought multi-instrumentalist, he performs and releases minimal experimental music under the pseudonym EAUVAIS



2014 / Crépitements, L’Écart.. .lieu d’art actuel, Rouyn Noranda
2014 / Passage, Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rouyn Noranda


2016 / BYOB Montréal 2 (Bring your own beamer), Bad Lunch, Montréal
2015 / White Noise Dark Matter, Le Réacteur, Montréal
2015 / 100$ pi², L’Écart.. .lieu d’art actuel, Rouyn Noranda
2014 / 100$ pi², L’Écart.. .lieu d’art actuel, Rouyn Noranda
2014 / 25e exposition intercollégiale en arts visuels, Quebec
2013 / 24e exposition intercollégiale en arts visuels, Centre Nationale d’exposition, Jonquière


2017 / Morose ; sounds of light, L'Espace de mêmes, Montréal
2016 / Au fil du temps, R. Howard Webster Library, Montréal
2016 / Clumsy strings, Chez Boris, Montréal
2016 / Eauvais - 1308, La Passe, Montréal
2015 / Silences, Le Réacteur, Montréal
2015 / Eauvais, La Passe, Montréal
2015 / Emptylights II, Le Poulailler, Rivière-Héva
2014 / Emptylights II, L'UQAT, Rouyn-Noranda
2014 / Emptylights, Trois-Rivières
2014 / Bow II, Cabaret de la Dernière Chance, Noranda
2014 / Bow I , L'Écart.. .Lieu d'art actuel, Noranda